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Class Descriptions

All Levels Yoga

This morning yoga class will meet you where you are and offer a chance to stretch, strengthen, and relax. An excellent way to prepare for the day ahead! We will focus on opening the body to relieve tension, with special attention to the hips, hamstrings, and back. Instructor Lindsay Helwig will take you through a gentle progression of poses and end with breathwork and savasana.  Appropriate for all ages and levels.  

Align & Refine

Want to get back to basics and deepen your knowledge about alignment? In this class series we will learn poses from the ground up. Each class will focus on alignment principles through learning fundamental standing poses, twists, forward bends, simple backbends and a gradual introduction to inversions. We will end class with pranayama and relaxation.

Back Care Yoga

This is a gentle yoga class designed to help you stretch out your body and sleep well at night!  Lindsay takes you through a gentle progression of poses and ends with pranayama and relaxation. 

Community Yoga

This is a hatha flow class, linking breath with movement.  Build strength and flexibility through the entire body in this moving meditation.  Mixed levels welcome.  Suggested donation $5 - $14. 

Restorative Yoga

In this relaxing practice we will start with a gentle warm-up and then move into a supported restorative sequence of postures including forward bends, twists, back bends and inversions. Leave feeling calm and well rested.  Join us once a month for a special relaxing treat!

Vinyasa Yoga

Join Katherine for a fun and challenging Vinyasa sequence.  This class will take you through an original sequence every time, building heat and muscle while preparing you for fun and challenging poses. 

Vinyl Yoga

With its’ roots in vinyl, a music album is a deliberate and curated sequence. There is a consideration as to why songs are set next to one another and a purpose for the distinct sides of a record. Vinyasa Yoga shares some of these same qualities. The teacher crafts and leads through an intentional practice where the student gets to interpret the sequence into their own narrative – much like they would to music. Vinyl Yoga is a tribute to the art of the album while honoring the traditions of Vinyasa Yoga. Each class will feature a new album and a new sequence to guide, to inspire, to play, to breathe and to move together. Starts October 27th!

Also check out our events page for special class series and workshops!