Lindsay Helwig

Lindsay Helwig 500 RYT became certified in Classical Hatha Yoga in 2010 and has practiced yoga since 1998. She continues to study and also assist her teacher Cathy Mann of the Yoga Studio in Millis, MA.  In January 2017, Lindsay became the new owner of River House Yoga.  Lindsay enjoys making yoga accessible to everyone and fosters a deep sense of community through her yoga classes. Over the years Lindsay has studied medicinal herbs, meditation, Thai yoga bodywork, natural childbirth and holistic nutrition. She has worked extensively in the natural products industry and is knowledgeable about supplements, natural body care and holistic health. Lindsay blends this experience into every one of her yoga classes to facilitate deep relaxation and inner peace.   You can expect a gentle, therapeutic, heart-centered approach in Lindsay's yoga classes. She teaches a balanced sequence of safely aligned postures, breath work, and relaxation, integrating props when necessary.   Lindsay tailors her teaching approach to the needs of each individual while also balancing the needs of the class as a whole.   She lives off the grid in East Montpelier and loves spending her time alternately lounging and weeding in extensive herb gardens and orchards during the growing season!

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Katherine Nelson

Katherine received her 200 hour teacher certification in 2007 with Mimi Loureiro at O2 Yoga (www.o2yoga.com) in Somerville, MA.  Prior to 2007, she began practicing yoga to achieve purely physical goals- not expecting the practice to become such a central and integral part of her life. Yoga has brought a sense of balance, peace and mindfulness not only on her mat, but in her personal and corporate life. Katherine’s teaching style and training uses many principals of Astanga Yoga with a more creative and less predictable vinyasa-flow format. A native of Plainfield, VT, Katherine is excited to be back home and looks forward to continuing to give to students the joy and passion of yoga that she has received from so many knowledgeable, wonderful and supportive teachers.

Allie Bauer

Allie Bauer has been studying and practicing in the healing arts for over 30 years.  She discovered John Barnes' approach to MFR in 2008, and hasn't looked back.  One of her greatest loves is helping people heal their lives.


Roseanne Scotta

Fascinated by the connection of breath and movement, alignment and balance, Roseanne began to practice yoga in 1992 with local teachers in the central Vermont area.  Yoga quickly became an important aspect of her life in finding strength, flexibility, and stress relief, and incorporating the concepts of alignment and breath with movement throughout daily living.

Being a special educator for the past 25 years, Roseanne needed movement and change, and sought out certification to teach yoga through Burlington Yoga and completed her 200-hour teacher training in May, 2016 with Piper/Candra Prabha and is certified with Yoga Alliance.  She continues to practice with Candra and other teachers in the area.  Roseanne seeks to link the benefits of yoga to the field of mental health.  Living in Plainfield with her family, she is also a passionate homesteader.

Her goal in teaching is to share the benefits of bringing yoga into daily motion, while developing balance, peace, and a sense of calm in a strong body both individually and globally. 

In Roseanne’s classes, you will experience a light-hearted hatha yoga flow with elements of aromatherapy and music.

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Laura Macieira

I was born and raised in Africa (Dem. Rep. Congo) and at 11 years old, I moved to Portugal (where I am originally from). That gave me a perspective of the world’s differences and similarities in first hand. This was further explored when after 2003, I began traveling and living in South, Central and North America, therefore learning and experiencing different cultures that opened my mind and heart to new approaches towards Life.

While attending architectural studies in college, I started seeking a practice that could help me reduce stress and empower my confidence. During the year of 2000, I found Yoga through friends. I completed my Yoga Certificate from the Universidade Internacional de Yoga in Porto, Portugal in 2001 and have been practicing and teaching Yoga since then.

Flexibility and adaptability are the attitudes I bring to my “Be Yoga” class. The classes I teach focuses on breathing and cleansing exercises, physical poses, relaxation and meditation techniques. Hand gestures, gratefulness and healing sounds (Mantra) are the extra exercises that beautify the practice and empower the student to gain full awareness of oneself, of others and of the surroundings.


Anjali Budreski

BA, MS, RYT, is a life coach, yogini, 'themestress', entrepreneur, and joyful spirit!  Anjali founded and opened Yoga Mountain Center (now Embodied) in Montpelier, Vermont in 2003, which she grew and developed for 11 years.  Through her passion and commitment to yoga and community she developed the studio into a reputable and thriving yoga center & healing arts space.  Anjali teaches public classes and workshops at Embodied in Montpelier, Kula Center in Stowe & other locations in Vermont and beyond. She has just completed Martha Beck's amazing Life Coach Certification Program and coaches clients via phone, Skype or at her home office in Montpelier.

Anjali is passionate about the mind-body connection and the intersection of coaching psychology and yoga. She has been immersed in the study and practice of Yoga since 2000.  She has completed comprehensive 200-hour teacher trainings in both Kripalu and Anusara Yoga, has taught workshops and trainings at Kripalu Center, and has trained and practiced with a wide variety of gifted asana and philosophy teachers.  Ultimately, Anjali has come to discover the undeniable Truth that the greatest teacher lives within.  She encourages her students to cultivate this inner resource, trust their deepest knowings and follow their own hearts and internal cues on the mat, in life, and through her transformative coaching sessions.

Anjali’s yoga classes are powered by the beauty, potency, and alchemy of nature, as well as her inquiry into personal growth and evolution through the lens of Yoga, Meditation, Contemplative Psychology, Somatic Experiencing, and Tantric Philosophy.  Her sessions are both grounding and soul-lifting, guiding students to safely deepen their practice and open their hearts.  Anjali creates a joyful and nourishing space for her students to expand and thrive. Learn more about Soul Coaching Sessions HERE.

She leads retreats, workshops & Soul Support Groups both nationally and internationally, including retreats in Vermont, Cape Cod & Mexico.  Anjali feels most at home by the ocean or nestled in the gorgeous green mountain state of Vermont, which she calls home-base. Feel free to be in touch!


Julie Macadam

Julie's teaching style emerges from the health philosophy that she believes in: connection to both inner and outer nature, mindfulness coupled with compassion, and the revealing of our innate dignity, integrity, and basic goodness. Julie holds in heart that within each individual there is a seed of goodness, unable to be scarified, and is there awaiting the waters of attention and care to blossom.

Julie began practicing yoga as a young teen and received a 200hr YTT through Kripalu in 2010. Since then she has studied with various teachers, sat and served multiple Vipassana courses, spent time at Karme-Choling and Shambhala, studied bodywork at Lotus Palm, and participated in various herbalism apprenticeships and schools...of course all the while learning from the plants themselves. She has coupled with studios nationally and internationally, and recently founded Medicinal Changes where she offers Thai Yoga Bodywork, Meditation guidance, herbal consultations, and Reiki. She is currently fully living in the Year 2 program at VCIH and working at Maple Hill School. Her classes range from gentle and restorative, to vinyasa, and either way her aim is just the same: focus on breathe while the body takes different shapes and access the place deep within that goes unchanged.   Starting in November, Julie will be offering Meditation & Movement on Sundays at 4pm.    For deeper inquiries, you can look to her website: www.medicinalchanges.wordpress.com or email medicinalchanges@gmail.com